Sharing thanks for an early Spring

Crocus blooming, February, 2012

Yesterday felt like Spring! I enjoy all the seasons and there is something very special about Spring. It is the season of rebirth and new beginnings. Today I am sharing thanks for springlike weather.

1) I was thankful to see many crocuses blooming while I took Oreo for her daily walks. I love the first colors of Spring. Vibrant yellows and purples.

2) I am thankful for Trader Joes for bringing the joy of fresh flowers to my table at an affordable price. I bought a small bunch of daffodils for $1.50 and they are brightening up my dinner table. They bloomed yesterday. So fragrant.

3) I am thankful to my sister-in-law Laurie, who is a very caring daughter to her mom! Enjoyed seeing Grandma sitting up in a chair yesterday. She is working hard to get some mobility back. Thanks to the PT staff at the rehab center who are helping her.

4) Thanks to Pat, at CAPS who took the time to call me back and gave me some good advice on how to help my daughter move on from her Facebook hack experience. It is a joy to see my daughter Liz recover and take back control of her life. I love both of my daughters Becky and Liz more than words can say.


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