Sharing thanks for gifts of love.

Tea Party, February 2012

I was visiting a cafe over the Winter break and loved this whimsical dolly sitting in the teapot! I love celebrating. I'm sharing thanks for gifts I received for my 21st Anniversary.

1) Thanks to my husband Spencer who bought me some new pillows! When you are married 21 years many things you own are also 21 years old! It was nice to rest my head on a comfy pillow!

2) Thanks for my cute Anniversary card with the 2 dogs riding motorcycles. If you read my blog you know that I am a dog lover.

3) Thanks to my parents who sent us a lovely card and a check which we spent on some new sheets and a comforter. I bought 600 count sheets. If you treat yourself to one luxury in life I recommend soft sheets. They are a little more expensive. I like to shop at Home Goods where you can get high quality sheet sets for an affordable price.

4) Thanks to my daughters Liz and Becky who both managed to text me on my anniversary. It's a brave new world out there.

I invite you to share a gift of love that you received that brought you joy!


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