Sharing thanks for beauty in unexpected places and random acts of kindness

Purple Glitter Lamp at Singa's Pizza, February 4,2012

I got home late last night so decided to post my thanks for yesterday this morning. I had a full day and got a chance to spend time with a variety of friends and family. There is nothing like getting together over a cup of tea with a good friend. I have been enjoying taking pictures, and capturing small shots of beauty in unlikely places. I have always been hypnotized by lava lamps so this purple lava lamp caught my attention at Singa's Pizza. Singa's pizza is a place my friend Sejal recommended and we enjoy meeting for lunch there, before shopping at Patel brothers, a cool Indian grocery store in Hicksville. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

1) I was the receiver of random act of kindness! My friend Sejal and I were having lunch at Singa's pizza yesterday. I enjoyed hearing about her first full week of work. When we went to pay the check, the cashier said that somebody paid our bill for us! What a wonderful surprise. I did put some money in the tip bucket to pay it forward.

2) Thanks to my good friend Stella, I enjoyed a quick visit and a good cup of tea with her yesterday. She has an adorable dog Trixie, so I brought my puppy Oreo over and we had so much fun watching the dogs run around in her backyard playing. Trixie loves to play with a soccer ball, and watching her dribble the ball around is one of the happiest things that you will ever see.

3) Enjoyed catching up with my daughter Becky who is away at college. She was telling me that her and her roommate Marley were getting ready to host movie night with some of their film friends at Pitt. Becky likes to watch good films and its fun to listen to her take on some classic films that I learned about when I went to college. I was a mass communications major and I took a lot of film classes.

4) Thanks to the physical therapist who is helping my mother-in-law get out of bed and into a sitting chair for a little while.


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