Sharing thanks for a happy birthday!

Homemade card from my daughter Liz, February 9, 2012

Today is my birthday! So many reasons to be thankful for today. I always feel like my birthday gives me a fresh start to dream about my new year and its possibilities. It's hard to just list four things I am thankful for! Here goes:

1) Thanks to my 2 fantastic daughters! My daughter Becky called me to wish me a happy birthday from college. It was great talking to her and hearing about her plans for the upcoming weekend. My daughter Liz and I got to enjoy a late lunch after her school at California Pizza Kitchen. She made me a beautiful homemade card and CPK treated me to a free dessert.

2) Thanks to Kavita, who found this incredible birthday mug for me. I am a violinist and I absolutely love this!

3) Thanks to everyone who called, texted, facebooked me and wished me a happy birthday. It is wonderful to feel special for the day!

4) Thanks for a beautiful sunny winter day and a starry night. The moon is so bright. I had a wonderful birthday.

If you are reading my blog, in honor of my birthday please list something you are thankful for today.


  1. Is jusr after 5am here and have been up since 2 wide awake at my desk. You have brightened my day by reminding me to keep things in perspective. Today I am thankful for you and all that I have.

    1. Glad that my little blog brightened your day. No matter what is going on in life there is always something to be grateful for.


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