Sharing thanks for encouragement.

Fishing Pier at Jones Beach State Park, February 16, 2012

Encouraging words can be very helpful, especially on a day that has its challenges. There are many ways to encourage someone. I am always thankful when people offer encouragement and support! Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to my good friend Liz, who is thinking of becoming a contributor to this blog. She is an amazing creative person, and always encourages my artistic side. Had a nice conversation with her today.

2) Thanks to Mor from CAPS Bully Helpline who sent me a kind reply to the email in regard to information about my daughter's Facebook hacking. She offered assistance and advice on how to be safe online. It is important to address bullying. Evil thrives when good people do nothing.

3) Thanks to my parents who support my love of music and are my biggest fans in life.

4) Thanks to my friend Laura, who I met through my daughter Liz. Laura and I used to help run a support group for parents of hearing impaired children. Laura is an amazing advocate for her daughters, and I enjoyed catching up with her tonight.

I invite you to thank someone who has encouraged you in a positive way in the comments.


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