Sharing Thanks for groundhog day!

Spring flowers at Michaels

The groundhogs had mixed reports about how far away Spring is. I get a kick out of groundhog day, and the joy people get from watching a groundhog come out to see if it sees it shadow! Groundhog Day the movie is one of my favorite comedy films.It feels like it has been Spring this week already. Had fun taking a few pictures while my daughter and I were shopping for some fun craft supplies at Michaels. I do get a lot of joy capturing small snapshots of beauty. It feeds my creative spirit. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to Sara from and Lisa from Momma Says who took the time to check out my blog today. I enjoy reading other Mom Blogs and started a series on blogging that was very helpful to me. Part of the joy of starting something new is learning from kind mentors.

2) Thanks to! I have been enjoying pinning great pictures and links that I find on the web. Tonight I cooked a cheesy zucchini casserole that I found on It was delicious and healthy and I admit I love zucchini.

3) Thanks to Liz's Physical Therapist, Peter today Liz was walking better with her sprained ankle. So happy to see Liz walk out of school smiling today. We enjoyed finding some fun craft supplies at Michaels after school.

4) Thanks for guilty pleasures. I was catching up watching Desperate Housewives tonight. That show still makes me laugh.


  1. Today I am thankful for our incredible friendship. You have helped to inspire & teach me in so many ways& I am truly blessed. Blog-on, dear friend! xoxo

    1. Awww. I love our friendship! We get to share so many cool experiences together. So happy we are in orchestra together. It's funny, as I am typing my reply to you UMass Alumni just called. You are so creative and a wonderful friend!

    2. You are a great friend I always feel understood but not judged:D

    3. Thanks Jeff, your comment made me happy :)


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