Sharing thanks for Perseverance

Ceramic Fountain at Planting Fields Greenhouse, January 2012

I will be posting pictures that I took yesterday throughout the week from the greenhouse at Planting Fields, in Oyster Bay. I am grateful for the beauty of nature everyday. I loved the sound of the small fountain. It reminds me that we can be refreshed at any moment. Today had its ups and downs. I persevered and tomorrow is a new day. I am committed to writing about each and everyday and what I can be thankful for.

1) I was thankful that my daughter Liz who has a small cold, persevered and lasted the full day at school. She told me she thought about calling to come home and then she just got through it! This is a big step forward for her.

2) Thanks for the surprise of a new violin student today! I was happy to see Brindi for lessons again. She is a delightful young lady, who I started teaching the violin to last year. It was nice to see her come back to lessons with me.

3) I am grateful for good friends. Had a great time seeing my friend Stella for lunch. She always makes me laugh and she is a great listener and really gets me.

4) I am thankful for my hard working husband, and his good job! He is also generous and supports the time I dedicate to the family, my hobbies and my music.


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