Sharing thanks for dancing with my daughter

Rainforest Flora at Planting Fields Greenhouse, January 2012

It was a drizzly rainy day today so I enjoyed looking through my photos that I took on Monday at the Planting Fields Greenhouse in Oyster Bay. Love this rainforest flora picture. Focusing on the beauty and symmetry of nature always brings me serenity and joy. Taking time to appreciate what we have is one of the keys to lasting happiness. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Enjoyed started reading a new book, "Happy, Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life." by Ian K. Smith M.D. Dr. Smith says, "Research has shown that much more than a large bank account, being grateful for what you have and showing your appreciation for the generosity others have bestowed on you can create deeper and longer-lasting happiness."

2) Thanks to Chili's for having a great tasting lower calorie option of Margarita Chicken. Proud of myself for eating a little healthier today.

3) Thanks to my daughter Liz for dancing with me and teaching me how to use the XBox Connect Dance. We worked up a healthy sweat. I love dancing, this is the next best thing to Zumba.

4) Thanks to the weather gods, although it rained a good part of the day, it managed to stay dry as I was walking my puppy Oreo 4 times today!


Best of Sharing Thanks

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