Thanks for a Starry, Starry Night

OB1 Becky Kenobi, May the Force by with you at University of Pittsburgh!

I love the song, "Starry, Starry, Night" by Don McClean. Today I read on the internet that tonight would have a meteor shower. Driving home in the afternoon it was starting to cloud up so I thought I would not be able to see the stars tonight. Around 10 o'clock I took my dog for a walk and the clouds had disappeared and the stars were out. I am blogging tonight about the amazing force of nature. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks for a starry, starry night. My daughter Liz and I went out in the backyard and enjoyed looking up at the starry sky. We did not see any shooting stars and the night sky was beautiful and the stars which are usually not very visable where I live in New York were out. Orion's belt was easy to find.

2) Looking up at the stars always makes me give thanks to the mystery and vastness of the universe.

3) Driving Liz to night school we saw a beautiful sky with the sun blazing rays out of the clouds. It was ethereal!

4) I am thankful for my daughter Becky, who went back to college today! She is a creative film major and a beautiful kind force in the universe. Love this picture of her. We love to go to the movies!


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