Sharing thanks on a rainy Tuesday

Heart Teddy Bears I saw browsing at Michaels, January 17, 2011

Yes, I was thankful that it was raining instead of freezing rain this morning! Today was a busy and productive day. One of the things that I have noticed since I have been keeping the gratitude blog is how many people have gone out of their way to help me. I feel truly blessed when someone lends me a helping hand or is kind to me and my family. This makes me feel how interconnected we are too each other. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to Mr. Palmer, my daughter's guidance counselor, who made time for us today. He is a good listener and is willing to help Liz to succeed in high school.

2) Thanks to Mr. C who emailed me back quickly to help get Liz into the right math class.

3) I was thankful to have some time to browse at Michaels today with Liz who was looking for some materials for an extra credit History project. It was great to see Liz dive in enthusiastically to do her homework. I enjoyed looking at all of the cute valentine decor, and had fun with my camera taking pictures. I love the cute bears featured on my blog today.

4) Thanks to my student Sanjana who has been practicing her violin and is making some beautiful progress. It is nice to see a student start to enjoy playing songs. Thanks also to Ms. Burt who is giving me some new students!

If you are reading my blog please write one reason you are grateful today! Sharing thanks can be inspiring!


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