Sharing thanks for a rosy day

Roses at Micheals, January 2012

So many reasons to be thankful for today. Got home late tonite so my blog will be on the short side. It is never too late to be thankful.

1) Thankful for my husband who is a hard worker and got his bonus letter today.

2) Thankful that my daughter Becky texted me this morning. It is always great to hear from her when she is away from college.

3) I was thankful to have a little solitude today. Enjoyed going to see, "The Descendents." I am a George Clooney fan and he puts in a tremendous thoughtful performance. I also loved the actresses who played his daughters in the movie, they were very believable.

4) Thankful that Liz was able to manage well at school today and got to enjoy a party tonight.


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