Being grateful is seeing everything as a miracle: Go see "We bought a Zoo"

Oreo, January 2, 2012

I love the new quote of the week, by Albert Einstein. There are little miracles and beauty all around us if we choose to focus, and really see them. We recently upgraded our mobile phones so I was taking some new pictures with my Droid phone today. Practicing writing 2012 today! Here are my little miracles for today.

1) Enjoyed a movie afternoon with my daughter Liz today. We went to see, "We Bought a Zoo." with Matt Damon. What a wonderful family film with terrific acting by the youngsters. Favorite line, "It only takes 20 seconds of courage."

2) Thanks to my new sidekick phone. Even though I feel a little technically challenged trying to learn all the new features, I am enjoying the better camera and bubble texting. Snapped this cute picture of my dog Oreo today.

3) I am grateful for seeing some beautiful skyscapes today at the magic lighting hour before the sun sets. Rays of light bursting through the clouds. Breathtaking.

4) Happy to have Becky's friends over, share conversation and pizza before she heads back to school.


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