Sharing thanks for another beautiful sunset

Sunset after school, photo by Liz Davidson, January 24, 2012

One of the cool things about sharing a family phone plan is being able to share moments with your family. I love getting random pictures from my daughters. A few weeks ago I got a cool picture from Becky of the puppet she made in a children's theater class she is taking. In being authentic to the blog, here are my thanks for today.

1) Getting a picture of the sunset from my daughter Liz while I was at work this afternoon. I love to watch the sunset, and it was a surprise to get the picture.

2) Thanks to the kind physical therapist, Peter and some crazy water boot that helped take the swelling down of Liz's ankle.

3) Thanks for a beautiful warm day. I love my dog, and today I enjoyed walking her in the warm sunshine, which sure beats the snow, and freezing rain.

4) Enjoyed watching a silly romantic comedy with Liz tonight, "Just Go With It." It is fun to watch Adam Sandler with Jennifer Annisten, a truly unlikely romance.


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