Sharing thanks for Late Night Jimmy Fallon

Me wearing my Late Night Jimmy Fallon taping wristband, January 18, 2012

I had a lot of fun today doing something completely different. I do love New York City and always enjoy the energy of being in Manhattan. I do not prewrite any portion of my blog. My thanks are a slice of the highlights of my day. I try to be authentic on how I am feeling about the day. Being positive has uplifted the quality of my days. Here are my thanks for today!

1) Thanks to Kavita who got the tickets for Late Night Jimmy Fallon! Kavita is amazing!

2) Thanks to Monesha who was very brave and tried out at the Jimmy Fallon taping to be in "Battle of the Instant Bands." I'm so proud of her for taking a risk, and being brave to sing for the segment producer. Way to go Monesha.

3) I am thankful to the traffic Gods. We hit no traffic going to and from NYC today. This is a miracle on the LIE. If you live on Long Island you know what I am talking about.

4) Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Bill Cosby who provided the gift of laughter! It felt so good to laugh. Bill Cosby is an amazing advocate for education and comedic talent. His story telling and physical comedy skills are inspiring.


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