Sharing thanks for homecooked meals

Golden Wheat at Planting Fields, January 2012

I'm still sharing some of the pictures I took earlier this week at Planting Fields in Oyster Bay. I love the way the light reflects on the wheat in this picture. Today was a relaxing day spent with two of my dearest friends and there families.

1) Thanks to Margaret for making a delicious Turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. It is so nice to share a home cooked meal that someone has prepared with love. I enjoyed catching up with Margaret and Stella and watching our kids enjoy hanging out together.

2) Thanks to Margaret for inviting our dog Oreo along to join in on the fun.

3) Thanks to Liz who came with me to Hick's to pick out some pretty plants. We brought a red cyclamen plant to bring over to the hostess. I love to bring flowers or a nice plant when I get invited to someone's house for a nice dinner.

4) Enjoyed taking a nice hot bath with a good book tonight. It was a cold day and there is nothing like a hot bath to take the chill away!


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