Thankful for the love in my life

Fabric Hearts admired at Home Goods, January 2012

One of my favorite pastimes is to look for clever vanity license plates while I'm driving around the neighborhood. I am sharing thanks about love today because of a vanity plate I happened to see while I was driving to get some frozen yogurt at our favorite cool self-serve yogurt place Moo-la-la.

1) Enjoyed seeing the license plate, "AMMALOVE" with a bumper sticker that also said Love Everyone! A nice message to drive around with. This sure beats road rage.

2) Now that Christmas is over I am thankful for seeing hearts everywhere. Took a picture of these cute hearts while I enjoyed browsing at one of my favorite stores, Homegoods.

3) Thankful for my mom's love! We had a great phone conversation today. Happy to hear my dad was skiing today! He's 75 and still enjoys downhill skiing.

4) Thankful for the love of the great friends in my life. Had fun sharing a cup of coffee with my friend Sejal, who is prepping for a good job interview. The company she is interviewing with would be lucky to have her as an employee.


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