Sharing thanks on Sunday

Cyclamen from Hick's Nurseries, January 2012

I love this flower it reminds me of the center pieces of my wedding. Pretty flowers can really brighten up the house on a cold winter day. Sometimes good things can come out of something bad. My daughter's Facebook account was hacked this weekend. I am so proud of her for focusing on the people who are supporting her. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks for my violin student today who was very forgiving when I was running a few minutes late today. I pride myself on being on time, and I apologized sincerely for keeping them waiting. It was refreshing to be treated with kindness and forgiveness.

2) Thanks to my friend Gerry who called me this morning to see how Liz was doing. I really appreciated her concern and friendship. I am so happy the Liz is friends with Christina. They are such a nice family.

3) Thanks to Becky who has been really supportive and helpful in sorting the out.

4) Thanks to my friend Stella, and my sister-in-law Ginny who called me today to catch up. Also thanks to Michelle for sticking up for her cousin!


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