Thanks for skywatching!

Afternoon Sky, January 6, 2012

It was a little warmer today, so I enjoyed spending some time outside. I have been having fun taking pictures of the sky. It is amazing how much the sky changes during one day. Today's thanks are a partial tribute to nature.

1) Thanks for a beautiful day! Enjoyed taking pictures of the sky and a beautiful colorful sunset.

2) Thanks for another starry night, which I enjoyed while I was walking my dog Oreo around the block.

3) Thanks to my friend Sejal! I enjoyed driving her to a job interview today. She looked beautiful. I admire her courage and great spirit.

4) Thanks to my husband Spencer who walked the dog when he got home from work!

January Sunset

There are two posts for January 6. The first one is sharing thanks for January 5th. I was out late and didn't get to post until after midnight. The second post is sharing thanks for January 6. I had such a contented feeling before going to bed last night after blogging my gratitude for the day. A wonderful warmth came over me. Such a nice way to drift off to sleep.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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