Sharing thanks late due to Technical Difficulties

Pond at Norman Levy Park, Photo taken while walking with my friend Margaret on a winter balmy 57 degree January 7, 2012.

Last night around midnight. My firefox browser was acting wacky so I rebooted the computer went to bed and vowed to share my thanks for January 7 this morning! Yesterday was a spectacular day. A taste of Spring during the winter. I've added a profile picture to the blog which my friend Margaret snapped with my camera. It's nice to put a face when you are reading a blog. Below is what I was grateful for yesterday.

1) Getting outside with a good friend, Margaret.It's wonderful to be able to take long walks with a good friend. We went for a walk at Norman Levy Preserve. The preserve is one of the best free places to go to commune with nature. When you hike up to the top of the small hill you can get a glimpse of the Manhattan skyline, as well as beautiful views of the bay towards Jones Beach.

2) Enjoyed watching my daughter Liz and our puppy Oreo run around the background in my mom's backyard.

3) My husband treated me to dinner at Applebee's with a gift card he got for his birthday. We enjoyed a date night out and some great steaks!

4) Thankful for some nice family time this morning. We took down our Christmas tree together. Packed away the ornaments for next year. Many of the ornaments on our tree have personal memories. I loved the homemade ones from the kids when they were in preschool. Looking at them is like a personal time machine that takes me back to when my daughters were young.


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