Sharing thanks for getting fit and having a dream.

My daughter Liz, drinking water, January 16, 2012

Liz and I are both trying to be healthier in 2012. Liz loves the taste of Coca-Cola as you can see by the sweatshirt she is wearing. Making small changes each day can really make a difference. Today is a good day to remember what a difference one person can make in this world. Martin Luther King had a "dream" and helped change our country in a peaceful way. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to my daughter Liz who helped me organize my pocketbook and throw out tons of old receipts. Liz also convinced me to get a business card organizer, which really helped my wallet get thinner.

2) Thanks to my daughter Liz who is encouraging me to develop healthier habits. She hates drinking water and ordered a glass of tap water at lunch instead of a Coke refill.

3) I am thankful to play with the South Shore Symphony. We are rehearsing Rodeo by Aaron Copland. Copland's music just makes you feel happy and energetic. Had a lot of fun sight reading Rodeo tonight.

4) Thanks for a beautiful sunset which I saw driving home tonight.

I am always interested in what you are grateful for! Just write one thing you are grateful for in the comments!


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