A Great day to be Grateful

So much to be grateful for today that it is hard to pick my top four items to share with you. Here goes!

1) My daughter Liz who is a teenager woke up and came downstairs on time and on her own. I am so thankful for this. Liz is learning to wake her self up. She is deaf and can not hear an alarm clock. So proud of her today.

2) Thanks to the attendant at the Getty gas station who helped check the air pressure and fill my cars tires with air. Temperature dropped yesterday and that nasty caution light went on again!

3) Thanks to Mrs. Burt for giving me more violin and piano students to teach! I enjoy teaching music and inspiring kids to listen and learn to play a variety of music.

4) Thanks to my good friend Sejal. I enjoyed shopping and lunching with her today. She is a great friend and helped me by picking up my daughter Liz from night school


  1. I came to your blog via your comment on positivelypositive.com. What a nice idea for a blog...keep up the good work! The more of us giving voice to our gratitude, the better! Peace.


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