These thanks are dedicated to the one I love - my husband

I am posting very late today. Getting home late due to car trouble. I am dedicating today's post to my husband who was my biggest fan and my knight in shining armor tonight.

1) I am thankful to my biggest fan, my husband who came to see me perform at the Nutcracker. It is really great that he is supportive of my music hobby.

2) After the Nutcracker I took my daughter to see a late movie. When we came out of the movie, the evil check engine light was on. The manual said driving while this light is on can cause severe damage to the car. Yikes! Thanks to my husband, who came to the rescue and helped us get the car towed.

3) Thanks to the triple AAA Bellmore Towing company who came so quickly to tow our car.

4) I am thankful to be back at home, safe,sound and warm.


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