Sharing thanks for Neverland

I'm posting very late tonight. Just got home from NYC. I love New York at this time of year. My daughter Becky goes to school in Pittsburgh and was taking the bus home tonight from college. Her bus was supposed to get in around Midnight so my other daughter Liz and I decided to make a fun night in New York before meeting the bus.
Liz has always loved Peter Pan so we decided to get tickets to the show starring Cathy Rigby at Madison Square Garden. I really admire her spunk, she has to be older than me and flies around the stage with the vigor of a 13 year old boy! So many people to thank tonight!

1) Thanks to the disability service line who were able to sell us the tickets to the show tonight and provide a good assistive listening device so Liz could enjoy the show!

2) Thanks to the staff at the Madison Square Garden Theater who moved us to better seats so Liz could also lipread. She was so happy. Thanks to the wonderful cast who put on a great show. The flying was so much fun to watch.

3) Thanks to Kevin Jonas who must have been in the audience at Peter Pan tonight. To our surprise we recognized him as he was taking a picture with someone as we were exiting our seats and my daughter shouted, "Hey that's Kevin." We were 3 ft away from him. She is a huge Jonas fan and this was quite a surprising thrill for her.

4) Thanks to the busdriver who safely drove my daughter Becky home from college to grand central. The bus got in early at 11:30 pm. It's so wonderful to have her home for Christmas break!


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