It's a Wonderful Wednesday

Red Berries on a December Day, 12/26/11

I enjoy taking and sharing pictures. Some days I am able to snap a small moment of natural beauty with my camera. If I can, I try to include a picture for each blog post. I saw these berries recently when I was walking around New Hope, Pa. They seemed like natural Christmas decorations!

1) I enjoyed driving around looking at Christmas lights with my daughter Liz tonight on our way to visit Grandma.

2) I am grateful for my sister-in-law Laurie who made a wonderful birthday dinner for my husband tonight. He loves lasagna! The whole meal was delicious. It was nice to see grandma smiling at the dinner table enjoying the fun.

3) I am thankful that my daughter Liz is getting an early start on her Tennessee Williams research paper and project. It is nice to see her enthusiastic about doing her schoolwork.

4) Thanks to Sejal who gave me some great information on Able ride that I could share with Laurie, and Grandma. Sejal is a good dear friend. I cherish my friends who provide me with much joy, laughter, support and fun.


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