Sharing thanks for beautiful sunsets

Sunset in Central Park November, 2011

Today was a beautiful day. When I am thinking about what I am grateful for I often turn to nature. The picture above was taken a few weeks ago about the time I started my blog. I watched the sunset with my husband Spencer while we walked around the reservoir in Central Park. If you are a runner it is one of the most scenic runs in New York City! I wanted to get a picture of today's sunset however while driving to find a better place to take a picture, the sun went down and I missed the right moment to capture the beauty. I would have been better off taking the picture right where I was. I guess the lesson is enjoy where you are and stop looking for greener pastures. Here are my four thank yous for today!

1) Thanks for the beautiful sunset tonight at the dog park. I enjoy watching the sky and love to savor watching sunset on a nice day. You need to stop and just enjoy the view, in an instant the sky changes and darkens.

2) Thanks for the beautiful moonrise. This time of year on a clear crisp day the moon comes out early. You can see the sunset along with the moon.

3) Enjoyed my morning walk with my dog Oreo. The sun was bright and warmed my skin.

4) Thanks to my cat Sasha who is starting to get used to Oreo. Today they kissed noses. Oreo did not bark, and Sasha did not hiss and take a swat. I thought my cat would like having a new dog. Our old dog passed away in March and Sasha used to sleep next to the dog. I thought she would be happy when we got the new puppy, and surprise she was scared. I'm so happy that the pets are getting along better!


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