Sharing thanks by celebrating everyday

Happy Hanukkah! I overheard some profound wisdom today. I was getting some iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts this morning and the man ahead of me asked the cashier, "Do you celebrate Christmas." She politely answered no. The man asked, well "What holidays do you celebrate?" She answered smiling, "I celebrate everyday."

1) The first thing I am grateful for is being at Dunkin Donuts to overhear this "I celebrate everyday." wisdom from the cashier.

2) I am thankful that Liz is feeling better and had a good day at school today.

3) I am thankful for having a fun late afternoon at the movies, to see Chipwrecked with both of my daughters. We especially liked the Chipettes rendition of "I Whip My Tail."

4) I am thankful for the nice holiday cards I received in the mail. I love the picture cards and seeing smiling faces wishing our family a Happy New Year!


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