Sharing thanks for Christmas Break

My daughter Liz had her last day of school of today, my husband took off from work, and my daughter Becky is home from college. We are on a break. Can't wait to sleep late tomorrow! So many things to be grateful for today.

1) Went to Panera today to buy some giftcards, and what did I find printed on the gift card? "Share thanks" This put a smile on my face.

2) Thanks to my mom who treated me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We enjoyed sharing good news and had a great conversation discussing how our brains our wired for spirituality.

3) I am thankful for good friends. We had dinner with the Gera's tonight and had a lot of laughs together. Tonight it was balloon night at "On the Border". Even though we are all basically teens and adults it is still fun to act like a kid and marvel at balloon magical creations.

4) I am happy that I was able to finish my holiday shopping today. I was also thankful to find gifts that I was looking for easily. I was also thankful that the mall I went to was not overcrowded.


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