Sharing Thanks for Small Saturday Kindnesses

My Cat, December, 17 2011

It's been another beautiful sunny December Day. I'm busy getting ready for the holidays. I am lucky to be in an extended family that come from different faiths. We enjoy each others traditions and get to celebrate many different holidays. We are getting ready for Christmas at our house. It's the small kindnesses that I am grateful for today.

1) I was grateful for finding a parking space at the very crowded mall today. When you get a space quickly without having to drive around it is a blessing.

2) I was grateful for my husband's help in cleaning the living room in preparation for getting our Christmas tree tonight. It was nice to work together. Our cat Sasha loves the Christmas tree. She loves to sleep underneath it. We are lucky that she does not try to play with the ornaments.

3) I was grateful at the busy stores I shopped at today that the long lines moved quickly.

4) I am grateful for my cat Sasha, who came and sat on my lap today for a little while. She has been a little jealous of Oreo our new puppy.


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