Sharing Thanks for Potato Latkes

Our family had an early Hanukkah party at my parents house tonight. It's a few days until Hanukkah but our family has a tradition of celebrating holidays when we can all get together. It was nice seeing my brother and his family. I'm super tired tonight, and I am committed to sharing thanks everyday.

1) I'm grateful to watch the cousins play a fun game of boggle tonight.

2) I'm grateful to my parents for setting a beautiful table and for the delicious meal, generous gifts and their love. My mom made fabric wallets which the grandkids all loved.

3) I'm grateful the my nieces loved the headphone earmuffs we gave them. It's fun to see someone open a gift and really enjoy receiving something unexpected.

4) I'm grateful for my nephew David's photos. He is really developing into a talented photographer. I will enjoy showcasing them in my home.


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