Thanks for Sonic Santa Sighting on Roller Skates

I have had a super sonic day today. So many moments to be grateful for in one day. It is late and I am committed to sharing thanks everyday so I am up late writing tonight's blog post. Thanks to my new blog readers. I broke the 100 page view milestone! Now for my thanks!

Norman Levy Park December 10, 2011

1) Started out today taking a walk at Norman Levy Park. Thanks for a beautiful day and beautiful view which I snapped a picture with my phone. I love standing at the top of hill and looking out over the marshes and bay.

Sonic Roller Skating Santa Sighting, December 10, 2011

2) Thanks for a fun road trip with our family friends the Gera's. Started doing some holiday shopping and stopped for a quick lunch at Sonic in Deerpark. Thanks to the roller skating Santa at Sonic who put us in the holiday spirit!

3) Thanks to the Coach company who sent me a $190 gift card. In February my friends gave me a Coach bag for my birthday. I had never had one! I'm one of those $30 Kohl's pocketbook gals. To my surprise the expensive Coach bag seams came apart. I felt bad that my friends spent so much for my birthday and the product did not last. I took the bag to a Coach store and they sent it to the factory to be repaired. Instead of repairing they sent me the gift card.

4) Thanks for letting me listen to the wonderful "Shuffle Concert" at the new Madison Theatre at Molloy College. Eliran Avni the creative director of this small chamber ensemble came up with a unique way to revitalize classical music. The young very talented group was astounding. In this venue the audience gets to choose from 34 pieces which music the group will perform. They played, classical, Romantic, Jazz, Broadway, Latin a varied repertoire. The violinist Sean Lee and the oboist Hassan Anderson were virtuosos. To top off the evening our group was interviewed by a reporter for the NY Times.


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