Merry December Thanks

December is here and it is starting out merry. So many great moments today it is easy to be grateful! It is amazing how a good day has a rhythm to it. Today started out well and had many merry moments.

1) My daughter Liz is feeling much better and went to school on time today.

2) My new Bosch dishwasher came and was installed, and is taking its first run. It is so nice not to have to wash and dry dishes today.

3) Had a great time with our friends the Gera's at Red Robin for an early dinner!

4) Thankful to be playing the Nutcracker. Had our dress rehearsal tonight. The kids looked absolutely adorable in their costumes.

Hope your December started off merry. For many people it is time to prepare for celebration. I am lucky to belong to a big family where many of us celebrate different holidays and we all enjoy learning and respecting each others traditions. To quote one of my favorite children's songwriter Rafi, "One World, One Light."


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