Twas the Night Before Christmas to Share Thanks and Joyous Voices

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas Eve. We had our annual party tonight so I am posting very late tonite! It's nice to celebrate with good friends and family. We had about 18 people all together, which was one of our smaller parties.

1) I am grateful to my daughter Liz who helped me cook for the party. She is an excellent potato peeler!

2) I am thankful for my daughter Becky who pitched in and wrapped some presents for me and helped all our guests with their coats.

3) Thanks to my husband Spencer who barbequed our famous Christmas Eve London Broil with a teriyaki, maple syrup marinade.

4) Thanks to everyone who sang their hearts out to the 12 Days of Christmas. Had so much fun playing for the piano while everyone sang their favorite Holiday songs. Thanks to the all the guests for playing my Christmas Eve rendition of charades. I love games at a party.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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