Sharing thanks for Reindeer

Lawn Reindeer, December 15, 2011

During this time of year I enjoy looking at all of decorations as I walk my dog Oreo around the neighborhood. There are many reasons I am grateful today.

1) There is nothing like reading a good book with an iced french vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts. This is my guilty pleasure.

2) I'm grateful to my parents who took me out to lunch today. We enjoyed each others company and I was excited to hear that they have read my blog and are proud of me.

3) Sometimes I get so relaxed I forget things. Today I left my pocketbook at Chadwick's at lunch. I am grateful to the restaurant host who noticed I lost it and put it aside for me. So nice to get your pocketbook back with all of your checks, credit cards and cash in tact.

4) Grateful for spending some quality time with my daughter Liz tonight. We have been doing some holiday shopping. Liz and I had fun wrapping up our presents.


  1. I'm also grateful for my guilty pleasure of a chai latte on a cold day!


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