Sharing personal, real and specific thanks today thanks to the wisdom of the God Squad

My blog features a new quote of the week. In the spirit of this quote I am writing my thanks that are personal, real and specific of kindnesses bestowed on me today.

1) Thanks to Meredith, the first person to comment on my blog. Your comment brought me joy that this blog can help people develop appreciation for the good in their lives and make the world a kinder place.

2) Thanks to my dad, who called me to take me out to lunch today. It was really great spending time with my dad sharing a salad, pizza and good conversation. My Dad recently saw a movie called, "The Way" which he described as a wonderful thought provoking movie that made him think about what his purpose should be. I love the movies so I enjoy hearing about new films. My Dad had just come from the pool, he loves to work out and I really admire his zest for life.

3) Thanks to the kids at Clarke High School who have been kind to my daughter. Liz is a junior and new to the school. Liz came out of school smiling because she was happy that she was able to talk to someone in one of her classes. She was grinning from ear to ear.

4) Thanks to the website positively positive which I have added to the favorite links section of the blog. It has a lot of neat features and I enjoyed browsing on it. I learned about this new site from one of my other favorite sites the Happiness Project.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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