Sharing Thanks for small acts of kindness

Kindness is always appreciated, and we need to give thanks! A small act of kindness really brightens my day. My blog today shares some kindness that I received today from family, friends and total strangers.

1) Thanks to my parents who gave me a ride home from the Nutcracker tonight. My parents are always there to support me. It was nice to see there smiling faces at the end of the show. They also brought two little girls to see the Nutcracker.

2) Thanks to the two little girls who came to see the Nutcracker. When we took them home they treated us to some ballet in the living room . Seeing there adorable faces trying to dance and leap around the room was priceless.

3) Thanks to Karinna for tutoring my daughter Liz in Math. She is a positive wonderful tutor and is helping Liz gain confidence in geometry.

4) Thanks to a great audience tonight for the Nutcracker. When I was walking in the audience after the show to meet up with my parents several people thanked me for playing such beautiful music. There compliments and appreciation of the arts warmed my soul.

Hope you all found some kindness today and that you can pay it forward.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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