Thankful for Simple Pleasures

Angel at Rockefeller Center, December 2011

Today has been a quiet day after a very busy and wonderful weekend. I enjoy looking at all the holiday decorations that dress up this dark time of the year. The sun sets so early as we approach the Winter Solstice. I wanted to post a picture I took on my camera phone tonight of some Christmas lights that I saw during a dogwalk. The picture was too dark so I thought you would enjoy this picture of an angel I saw yesterday instead.

1) Thanks to all the people who brighten our neighborhoods with colorful light displays. I enjoyed looking at the houses lit up when I walked the dog tonight.

2) Thanks to the Merrick movie theater's $4 Ladies Day special. My daughter and I enjoyed going to see the "Muppet Movie" tonight. We were able to go since my daughter finished her homework early. We loved the movie. I especially loved the "Rainbow Connection" duet by that timeless couple, Kermit and Miss Piggy.

3) Thanks for another beautiful December weather day. It is getting a little colder and it is still wonderful weather for walking.

4) I am grateful for reading a good book today. Enjoyed reading Lisa See's "Dream's of Joy" today over a good cup of coffee. The book is set in Communist China. It's amazing how a good book can transport you to another country and time.


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