Thankful for a topsy-turvy Tuesday

Reading this blog is like unraveling a mystery about who I am. Each post reveals something different about me. I had fun teaching music lessons today. I try to find easy holiday music to teach my students so they can enjoy sharing songs with their families. I had fun wearing my Nutcracker holiday vest. Today was one of those ying-yang days. It had its challenges, and the day improved enough that I can easily share four things I am grateful for.

1) I am grateful for my wonderful music students. One of my new violin students gave me an eraser with the word Ugh on it. This made me laugh, it may be the perfect word for an eraser. I could picture myself making myself make a mistake, saying ugh and erasing my words.

2) I am grateful for spending some quality time with both of my daughter's Becky and Liz tonight doing some Christmas shopping together.

3) I am thankful for the ipod audio cord in the car which lets my daughter play their music so we can enjoy listening to songs together. Tonight we had fun singing, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked in the car ride home tonight!

4) I am thankful for playing some fun Christmas duets with my violin student Richard today. I've been teaching him for many years and I am proud to see how he has progressed as a musician.


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